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Tatyana Anokhina, Realtor®
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"The best real estate agent in Brookline, MA you could ever ask for. Thoughtful, highly professional, and very honest! Before meeting Tatyana I put my condo for sale in Brookline with another realtor in March. It was sitting on the market for 45 days with no offers or at least no offers presented to me in writing. I found Tatyana online. She has proven herself as an outstanding realtor who is an expert in Boston/ Brookline real estate market. Tatyana was very strategic with the listing price from the beginning. As a result, she sold my house from the first open house with greatly over asking price. I felt very lucky to have her represent me as my seller agent. I felt that she had my best interests at heart, truly helping me. And because she is so personable and caring, Tatyana is a pleasure to work with!! Seriously, if I ever buy or sell a home again I will follow her anywhere."                                                   L. E. Brookline, MA 02446 

"Exceptional Real Estate Agent! Saved My House from Foreclosure! I am still not sure if it was a dream that I sold my house. Today is the day when my property was to be sold at public auction as a foreclosed home in Boston. I am very happy to say with tremendous help of an amazing real estate agent from Brookline, MA I avoided foreclosure and my home was closed today with enough money not only to pay my loan but with money left for me. Her name is Tatyana. After I got a notice from the bank (Wells Fargo) regarding a foreclosure sale I was trying to sell my condo by my own. The offers I got were even less then the assessed value. At the last minute – two weeks before the auction I called Tatyana. She was highly encouraging. Within three days my condo for sale was listed on MLS and advertised on multiple social media websites online. She sold my home from the first open house (through the bidding war) with much more over asking price and the highest price in the neighborhood and also arranged for me to stay in my house for free for another three months after the closing. Then, she went far beyond. She was my main contact with the bank to get payoff and avoid the foreclosure action. I felt she is acting as my real estate agent, my attorney and a person who works very hard for me. She was the main key to stopping a foreclosure sale. I was amazed at her persistence and knowledge of real estate. I recommend her to anyone who is thinking to buy or sell real estate especially the sellers and buyers who want to be represented with the special attention she provides."                                                  

A. V. Boston, MA

"Tatyana is the best real estate agent I have ever met. She is charming, intelligent, positive, very hard working, resourceful and as honest as can be. I live in Savannah, Ga. I owned a very nice apartment in Brookline which I purchased some years ago for use by my soon-to-be married daughter and son-in-law while they were medical students in Boston. When the time seemed right to sell this ripe piece of Brookline real estate, Tatyana sold herself to me over the phone. She was as cooperative and supportive as any business person could be. She held open house events repeatedly, worked with the greatest tact with some difficult tenants, held her ground on my behalf when a deal went sour, and ultimately sold the place for substantially more than the listed price. I have had considerable real estate experience as a builder and investor and I am happy to publish this opinion: Tatyana is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. She was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.

Stephen M Herman MD 

"I have never, ever had a real estate agent as kind, thorough, and trustworthy as Tatyana. Tatyana is a highly professional and fabulous negotiator. I listed with her my condo for sale in Brookline after the other realtor was not successful at all. She sold my Brookline home with much over asking price from the First Open House. Unfortunately, we also had a lot of specific requirements in the sale of our Brookline home beside the price. Tatyana was very focused and pursued our priorities and requirements to the utmost. It seemed to us she put the rest of her life on hold during this critical period to achieve our goals. From the first phone call/meeting through closing we called her countless times and she was very caring in answering whatever questions we had. Tatyana recommended great people and often coordinated these communications. My family has never been happier during and since selling and for me Tatyana is just the best real estate agent anywhere. Thank you Tatyana! I would refer her with the strongest recommendation to anyone who is thinking to buy or sell real estate in Brookline or Boston.

L. A. Brookline, MA 02446

"Tatyana is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate agent in Brookline, MA. She is always available for you and she will research any question you may have. She has a great understanding of the entire process of buying and selling real estate, especially in Brookline and Newton, MA, and provides great real estate advice specifically if you are a first time home buyer. She explains every topic in great detail. You can call her anytime and she is either available or calls you immediately after. She is very patient and she never put pressure on us to make any decision. It took us literally years to decide on buying a house in Newton, MA. She got to know us very well and understood our requirements. She really did care about us in making the right decision. We highly recommend Tatyana as a real estate agent; she will exceed your expectations all the way in the process of selling and buying a new home and you will discover how much she really cares about you and how much she wants to excel in her job as your buyer or listing agent. Thanks Tatyana!!

G. and J., Newton, MA 02461

"Tatyana is a real estate agent in Brookline, MA who is truly amazing--an exceptionally competent, caring person and professional. She manifested intelligence, dedication, and integrity at a level I have rarely seen. She saved me when I had a condo in Brookline that had sat for 6 weeks without being rented out by Sept 1 (a key date in the local real estate market). I had worked with a prior real estate agent who did nothing--truly nothing--for 6 weeks and I realized I had to act quickly and switch to a new agent. I was so very lucky that Tatyana was willing to work with me - within days she did more than the other person had done in 6 weeks. She helped me identify what I needed to do to improve the look of the unit; she gave me names of contractors, painters, etc; she was able to drop by to let the workmen in at times when I couldn't; she showed the unit to numerous people and ultimately found a terrific tenant within a few weeks; she moved the paperwork forward quickly and negotiated all of the details w/ the prospective tenant. It was, quite simply, an incredibly positive process. Tatyana is, in short, a gem of a person who earned my trust quickly and increased it every step of the way. Thank you so very much, Tatyana!

L. N. Brookline, MA 02445

"I consider Tatyana to be the go-to source for everything related to the Brookline real estate market. I have used Tatyana when both buying and selling condominiums in Brookline. Tatyana is client-focused and advises her clients drawing from her deep well of knowledge about the Brookline market. Her advice always benefits her clients, and she operates with her clients' long term happiness as the primary goal of the real estate transaction. I simply would not consider any real estate transactions without her trusted guidance.

M. B. Brookline, MA 02446

"We met Tatyana at an open house in Coolidge Corner, where my fiancee and I were looking to buy our new home and were exploring the area. Tatyana was an amazing resource: she knew which units were available and gave us a nuanced history of recent sales in the area. She promptly sent us information and made herself available at all times for questions -- and we had many! She is by far the most knowledgeable Brookline realtor we have encountered. Should we ever decide to move, we will certainly sell the condo through her. If we need to buy another Brookline condo, she has the best pulse on the market. I highly recommend her!"                                                                                                                                

Anna V. Brookline, MA 02446.


"Tatyana is an extremely hard-working, and dedicated realtor in Brookline who will really do everything she can to find you the house or condo you're looking for. She is very knowledgeable and committed to doing her job. Not only is she a great real estate agent, but she is just a wonderful person as well. She helped us find our dream condo in Coolidge Corner. She contacted people she knew in the building that we had our eye on and found us an amazing unit that wasn't listed on the MLS. It is a rare agent who will go to these lengths. Thanks Tatyana!"                                               Sanaz S. Brookline, MA 02446


"Tatyana is an incredible real estate agent in Brookline. We recently bought a condo in Coolidge Corner, Brookline and could not be happier about our new home. We are from NY and contacted Tatyana as soon as we saw her listing. She provided exceptional service and made it all work. Tatyana was very efficient in delivering a great deal of information about the Brookline real estate market in general and her listed condo in particular. We very much appreciated her summary of comparables – condos for sale in Brookline currently or recently sold. She is also very much on top of the rental market in Brookline; this was of great value because we were thinking about possibly renting the condo down the road. If you want a highly professional, friendly, and extremely patient agent, Tatyana is person to choose. We recommend her with great enthusiasm and with no hesitation whatsoever." 

 Mikhail V.

"Fantastic Realtor in Brookline! Tatyana sold our condo in Brookline in 2012. Before we met her, we had it on the market for six months with another realtor. We couldn't sell it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Tatyana for what you did. We still can't believe that you sold our property at the first Open House! Tatyana has a unique set of talents: great knowledge, intelligence and personality. She will succeed where many others fail and she isn't afraid to do extra work to meet her clientsf needs. Working with Tatyana is just so rewarding. She is very thoughtful, sincere, creative and is totally dedicated!"

N. S. Brookline, MA 02445

"Tatyana is an excellent real estate agent and negotiator. We were buying in Coolidge Corner, Brookline at the peak of the housing bubble and were constantly being outbid. Tatyana found us a condo in Brookline prior to its first open house and negotiated a very good price. Our mortgage bank's assessment came in well above the sale price. Thank you Tatyana for finding us our home."

G.L. Brookline, MA 02446

"Simply outstanding! I first met Tatyana, a real estate agent, in 2005 when I became interested in purchasing a condo in Brookline. I hired her as a buyer agent and soon learned that I could not have made a better choice. Through her outstanding efforts I purchased a condo in a luxury building in the heart of Coolidge Corner, Brookline as an investment property that I still own today. Subsequently, I bought a house in Newton Center, MA in 2007 also through the efforts of Tatyana. I now recommend Tatyana as a real estate expert to all of my friends who are interested in buying or selling real estate in Brookline and Newton. Of note, close friends of mine listed their condo in Brookline in 2012 with Tatyana after my recommendation and she went on to sell it at the first open house. Tatyana is just amazing. Tatyana works extremely hard, has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, and is a pleasure to work with. She has an incredible ability to identify buyers and sellers through her extensive network. Further, she takes on additional work to meet or go beyond her clientsf expectations. I give her my highest recommendation."

A. A., Brookline, MA 02446 

"Highly recommended! I can not say enough good things about Tatyana, realtor in Brookline, MA. We bought an investment condo in Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA in 2007 with the help of Tatyana. She is a great advocate, with persistent reminders and suggestions she provides a great deal of support and guidance during and along the way after the transaction. Tatyana is a very hard working, highly motivated real estate agent with a passion for success. She brings great energy and enthusiasm to her work, and she is highly respected by both buyers and sellers. "

V. S. Brookline, MA 02446

"If you need a real estate agent in Brookline, look no further than Tatyana. She was recommended to me by a colleague. I was moving to Boston from Texas and did not have time to travel to Boston to find a place in person. After one phone call with Tatyana, I realized that I was in the best hands to find a home in Brookline. She immediately understood the type of place I was looking for and continually demonstrated her expertise by guiding me through the process and giving me her honest opinion of different units. She was literally my eyes and ears in Boston, and was always available by phone or email. Because of her diligence and tireless efforts, I found the perfect apartment in Brookline. Thank you Tatyana!" 

Sagari B. Brookline, MA 02445

"I am writing to express our great satisfaction with Tatyana, a real estate agent and realtor in Brookline, MA. She helped me and my son purchase a condo in Coolidge Corner, Brookline in 2005. Throughout the entire process of searching for a new home, Tatyana was very knowledgeable and motivated to find the right property for us. Tayana is honest, strategic, unbelievably patient, and utterly professional. She also understands the Brookline real estate market exceedingly well. We are grateful we found her and fortunate to know her. "

G. G., Brookline, MA 02445

"Tatyana, a Brookline real estate agent, helped me buy my Brookline home. She was patient and very focused on identifying the right house that fit my family (with two kids) needs -- home right next to a park, school, walking distance to the subway, grocery store, restaurants, yet in a quiet area. She clearly knows the Brookline real estate market. Over seven years she has helped us several times to value the home, rents and sale. I am happy to recommend her to anyone buying/selling in Brookline, MA especially because over seven years I have interacted with other real estate agents in Brookline and concluded that Tatyana is a Brookline and its neighborhood expert. So if you are interested in Brookline real estate she’s the person to call."

Jaideep B.  Brookline, MA 02445

"Tatyana, is amazing to work with. Last summer I had a difficult time to find an apartment or condo in Brookline. I had already called some Brookline real estate agents but did not get the help I needed. I found Tatyana, who has highly rated online as a Brookline real estate agent and she immediately offered a list of available apartments for rent and condos for sale in Brookline. Tatyana is a hardworking, sincere, and creative Brookline real estate expert. She isn't afraid to take on additional work and to accommodate the client’s needs. She listened to my questions and concerns, showing everyday more and more houses, meanwhile being super patient, friendly, professional, extremely accommodating, and well informed. Through her suggestions and advice she provided a great deal of comfort and guidance throughout home hunting. I will make a point to work with her again and again and I give her my highest recommendation!" 

Ekaterina S. Brookline, MA 02446

"I strongly recommend to you Tatyana, an excellent real estate agent in Brookline. In May, 2008 we met Tatyana at an Open House event. My husband and I were planning to purchase a condo in Brookline that would be used as our retirement home in the future, and as an investment property before that. We were very impressed by Tatyanafs professional knowledge and decided to get her as our buyer agent. In the next two weeks she showed us several condos in Brookline and made careful comparisons for us, which were very educational and valuable and helped us to make a final decision. Her high efficiency in preparation of the paper work really surprised us. The property was closed within a month! Our relationship certainly hasnft been over after the purchase. We continuously get her advice about Brookline real estate. For example, she not only provides us with various standard forms and relevant documents, but also offers detailed explanation for any question we have.
In short, I firmly believe you will be greatly benefited through Tatyanafs help in searching for a desired property in Brookline. "

Xiao-yue Gu, Brookline, MA 02445

"We met Tatyana, a realtor in 2006 during our search for a condo or house in Brookline. We had a really great experience with her: with Tatyana's enthusiastic approach to the task, excellent knowledge of the Brookline real estate market and willingness to go an extra mile trying to identify the most suitable options - she turned out to be the most remarkable real estate agent you could hope to work with during your search for a place you eventually will call "home".
Tatyana has a great attitude and very helpful nature making easier this very difficult and often painful process of buying real estate! "

I. F., Brookline, MA 02446

"If you know the Brookline/Boston real estate market, there are very few condos for sale and many potential buyers. In this market, it is absolutely critical to find a real estate agent such as Tatyana who is on top of emerging real estate listings. Day after day she was checking for MLS and non-MLS homes for sale and keeping me informed every step of the way. Finally, she found my dream condo in Boston and despite 7 other offers we prevailed. Tatyana is a highly skilled professional. "

K.S., Boston, MA

"Tatyana was our real estate agent in 2010 during our search for a new home in the Brookline and Newton areas. She is very knowledgeable, resourceful and not pushy at all. She knows the Newton/Brookline real estate market extremely well. Tatyana devoted a lot of time to introduce us to these areas and current market conditions. She really came to understand our priorities and preferences, tirelessly showing us a wide variety of homes for sale in Brookline and Newton. Tatyana strived to get us in early to see properties and the condo we settled on was seen during the broker only open house because of her initiative. The condo in Coolidge Corner, Brookline was on the market for one day and became our home thanks to Tatyana. We remain good friends, look to her for advice, and recommend her to our friends and co-workers."

Joseph K., Brookline, MA 02446

"I enthusiastically recommend Tatyana as a terrific real estate agent in Brookline. Tatyana was our buyer agent when we were buying our single family house in Newton in 2008. We were first time buyers and were very inexperienced and anxious about the process. Tatyana helped us to navigate through the market and made our transaction very smooth. She was extremely patient, helping us to learn about the Newton and Brookline real estate markets and find our dream house at our own pace while showing us homes for sale. She was never pushy and never tried to rush us, which is quite different from the vast majority of agents. We had another agent before Tatyana and she was trying to push us into the deal before we were ready. Tatyana was also quite frank with us pointing out defects of different houses under consideration, and provided us with her estimates for market price of comparable properties. She did a very thorough job in finding good comparable while our previous agent was just filtering the usual publically available database. When we finally found our house in Newton Center, Tatyana was supportive during all stages in our transaction. She helped us to negotiate the price, which was quite a rough process, since our seller had to take some losses. Tatyana is also a very nice person and we have been staying in touch for years since our transaction."

Anna M., Newton Center, MA 02459

"We bought a condo in Brookline in late 2011, for our daughters who are students in Boston. We selected this agent at random, just walked into her office in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. We met Tatyana Anokhina, who proved to be an efficient real estate agent and a pleasant person. We looked at a dozen options, selected a short list, gave a negotiation target for the top item, and settled the deal. Couldn't have gone better. "

Helmut Schneider, Brookline, MA 02446

"We spent over a year looking for an office condo in Brookline, but had no success. Nothing we saw came close to meeting our requirements until one day Tatyana, Brookline realtor walked through the door. She had just identified a non-MLS property for sale in Coolidge Corner and decided on an absolutely ingenious approach to advertise it: even before any posting on the internet or printed media, Tatyana went door-to-door to local businesses to market the property. She did not have to go far as we made an offer right on the spot! Tatyana found us exactly what we needed: a beautiful, modern office condo with street exposure. The condo came with a number of parking spots, a miracle with Brookline real estate. The closing process was not easy, as the property was an estate sale, but Tatyana was with us every step of the way. We will always be grateful to her. If you are looking for a real estate agent in Brookline, who will devise and try every approach imaginable as she works for you, give Tatyana a call. "

G.M., Brookline, MA 02446

"I enthusiastically recommend Tatyana with whom I worked on several occasions representing mutual clients. The clients have never missed a chance to praise Tatyanafs knowledge of the real estate market, ability to listen and understand her clientsf goals, great negotiation skills. She represents her clients with zeal and confidently walks them through all steps of a real estate transaction to a smooth and easy closing. Tatyanafs professional integrity and commitment to her clients is admirable. Overall, Tatyana is an outstanding real estate professional who represents her clients with passion and professionalism. Need to buy or sell - Tatyana is a great real estate agent in Brookline to turn to for assistance. "

Anna Slyuzberg, Brookline MA 02446

"I am writing to recommend Tatyana Anokhina as a real estate agent in Brookline, MA. We have worked together in the past with mutual clients, and it is a pleasure to work with her. Tatyana has great integrity and she is very knowledgeable about the market. Tatyana is zealous and strategic in her representation of her clients. She brings charm and warmth to each transaction that can help to finesse delicate negotiations. She is patient, a good listener and a very hard worker. "

Christopher Shannon, Brookline, MA 02445

"I wanted to let everyone know how great a real estate agent Tatyana Anokhina is. I am a mortgage development officer and work with buyers and sellers every day. I know how stressful the process can be. This will be the biggest financial decision you will have to make. You want to make sure you a working with someone that will be on your side and know what they are doing. Tatyana would be the best person for that job. She is extremely knowledgeable and her number one priority is putting the client first. She simply is the BEST! Anyone buying or selling a property should be calling Tatyana Anokhina. "

Lori A Schofield

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